Food Service

Drawing upon the skills of our team and decades of experience in contract manufacturing, we can source a diverse range of ingredients to produce innovative food that looks and tastes as delicious as if you had made it yourself.

Our skills and experience also provide us with immense flexibility, allowing us to produce a range of biscuit and bakery products to customer specifications.

For any Food Service enquiries please contact us via the link at the top of the page or through our distributor Riviana.

Food Service Products

Sponge Fingers/Savoiardi

Unibic sponge fingers (also known in recipes as Savoiardi or ladyfinger biscuits) are a popular base for tiramisu, trifle and charlotte cake desserts.

Pavlovas & Meringues

Light and fluffy, MBC’s pavlovas and meringues are manufactured on a dedicated gluten-free line and are a convenient base for an elegant, delicious dessert. Time-saving and available in sizes to feed individuals or crowds, pavlova is the quintessential, much-loved dessert of Australia and New Zealand.

Coffee accompaniment biscuits

The perfect side to a cup of coffee, our shortbreads and other sweet biscuits are made to traditional home-style recipes for a rich, handmade flavour and texture with a professionally-baked appearance.

Portion control pack biscuits

Sealed into single serve packs, our portion-controlled range provides a hygienic presentation option and extends shelf life, making these ideal for healthcare, institutions, mining, conferences, hotel amenities and more.

Vol Au Vents

Vol-au-vents – available in a range of sizes, vol-au-vents are the perfect finger food or base for a retro-style meal. Extremely versatile, these bases lend themselves to both sweet and savoury fillings for a quick, easy-to-prepare entrée, main or dessert.

Export Capabilities

Alongside offering industrial manufacturing services, Modern Baking Company exports consumer and food service products to a number of countries across the globe.

For all food service, manufacturing and export enquiries, please contact us via the contact tab at the top of this page.

Export Product Examples

Unibic ANZAC Biscuits


Unibic Sponge Fingers


Unibic Cookies


Harvest Kitchen Soft & Chewy Cookies


Minimum order quantities apply, but please contact us to find out more information.

Quality & safety.

Modern Baking Company complies with current versions of the HACCP Guidelines and SQF 2000 System – General Food Processing – Level 3, as well as all applicable Act and Regulations for food safety in the countries in which we operate.

Our food safety and quality policies and procedures are based on these codes and industry best practice, and are consistently reviewed as part of our ongoing quality management processes.